Let’s face it, the sports concessions industry is tough to navigate.

Concessionaires are enticing options, but they come with strings attached.

Self-operation provides flexibility and the opportunity for a better bottom line, but is a road filled with potholes.

JHsports+ mission is to provide any sports team, ownership or management group with a trustworthy resource that knows the business better than anyone else.  We will provide your organization expert insight to one of the most important pieces of your fan experience, from initial evaluation to execution to on-going management of the business:

What is the right path for your business?  With years of due diligence experience and analytical insight into F&B operations of all sizes, JHsports+ can help your organization strategize on the best route for your Team

JHsports+ can design and manage the Request for Proposal process for your organization unlike any other. After years of being on the other side of the process, JHsports+ has the unique insight to ask the questions you may not know to ask.  This process is the foundation to ensure your organization is entering into a relationship with confidence and transparency

Reviewing and negotiating a concessionaire contract can be full of land mines.  JHsports+ has not only written a contract used for dozens of relationships but has been a part of negotiating and executing dozens more – all of this from the concessionaire’s side.  We can use this insight to ensure all operational and financial obligations are to your satisfaction. At the end of the day, your organization should truly understand the document!

In the event your organization desires to operate in-house, JHsports+ can provide the management you will need.  We can cover any and all facets of the strategic and operational items that need to take place, from manager hiring to operating procedure implementation to facility design and equipment procurement to menu design and everything in between

Getting through the selection or start-up is just the beginning.  Having expert insight to manage a relationship or oversee an operation is just as critical for the success of any business, especially as it relates to concessions.  As a fact, most people simply don’t know what the numbers they receive from concessionaires or in-house F&B departments mean. With JHsports+ at the table in the on-going management of both scenarios, you can feel comfortable that you have someone on your team that can read into the data presented and hold everyone accountable. 

The philosophy at JHsports+ is that the audit clause in a concessionaire agreement is not there in order to be punitive.  Rather, it’s a right given to you in order to look after your business and one that should be exercised.  It’s also easy to be scared off by exorbitant accountant or CPA fees. As CFO of PSC, JH knows exactly what to look for and has developed an audit checklist that JHsports+ can execute at a fraction of the cost of a CPA

This critical function is another item that frequently can be difficult to administer in a hectic sports environment.  Setting up, executing and reviewing meaningful KPIs with you and the concessionaire can take up a good chunk of someone’s time, and in our experience is the first thing to get left on the sideline.  Developing a consistent program that JHsports+ can administer for you would bring added, specific insight to the F&B operation and allow you to pivot quickly