Jonathan Harris, or simply called “JH” by his many clients and colleagues, has built his reputation as a trustworthy, transparent and strategic partner over two decades in the sports and sports concessions industry.  JH has spent his career delivering results and being a trusted resource at the table for critical business decisions  that have resulted in almost a billion dollars of sales.

JH’s unique business insight is a differentiator that comes from being a key strategic force and executor of Professional Sports Catering, a business that started with a $10,000 checking account and grew to an industry disruptor that, during his final year of oversight, generated over $100MM in sales and had 35 clients from coast to coast. 

JH’s experience is deep and meaningful.  He did not just oversee the business as a whole, he started a business from the ground up, was instrumental in each and every strategic maneuver made to advance the business, was the lead in the eventual sale and transition of the company to a billion dollar multi-national competitor, and had a seat at the board room table with other leaders of the company.  No job too big or too small, JH’s knowledge of the sports and sports concessions business runs up the entire ladder from ideas to results.